WooCommerce 2.2 – What it means for you

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Updates, Wordpress

Dubbed “Prowling Pangolin,” it’s coming in 24 hours and as a developer, we often see people click “update” in their WordPress control panel without looking into the changelog and knowing how it could affect their site. Here are some things to consider with the 2.2 update: Refunds WooCommerce will allow you to process full/partial refunds seamlessly assuming your […]

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Bootstrap Tabs and WooCommerce

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Tips & Tricks, WordPress

I’m working on a site that uses Bootstrap and needs WooCommerce implemented with it. While styling the tabs wasn’t a requirement, I decided to adjust the output so it would render with the Bootstrap tab engine rather than WooCommerce. I could also make the styling uniform with the rest of the site without any bloated […]

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