In addition to the branding package that we createdĀ for Amburgey Excavating, we designed and developed a custom responsive WordPress website. Just like the logo, the site’s design is clean and strong. It is simple to use, with straightforward navigation, a highly visible search box, and well organized content. The site contains everything Amburgey’s clients (and prospective clients) need to get to know their business and see the professionalism of their work.

Being a responsive site, their customers will have no trouble viewing it on tablets and mobile phones. And building it on WordPress ensures that it is easy for the Amburgey team to update as they add future projects and expand their service offerings.

Do your prospective customers keep asking to see your website, though you don’t have one yet? In today’s business world, not having a website often sends a poor message to prospective customers, resulting in reduced confidence in your company. Contact Edge Webware today and take the first step toward your new website before more of your business slips away!


Amburgey Excavating