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EdgeSure Guarantee

We at Edge Webware (EWI). are committed to and stand behind the quality of our work. We guarantee our software, in its unchanged state*, in the original installation environment at the time of delivery, to function according to the outlined specification in your contract for a period of 1 year after final delivery. Any reasonable defects found in the software produced by EWI will be fixed by EWI free of charge. Decisions regarding a defect versus a lack of functionality are at the sole discretion of EWI. EWI retains the sole right to determine the proper defect resolution method(s) and solution(s).


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3rd Party Software Notification
EWI often implements 3rd party software (e.g., Content Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, etc.) and/or various 3rd party software components (e.g., modules, plugins, code frameworks, etc.) in projects that we develop (e.g., websites, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, etc.). This results in significant cost savings for our clients.

Maintenance Agreement Requirement
Due to the changing nature of such 3rd party software, a Maintenance Agreement is required for the Guarantee to remain in force for all software developed by EWI that uses such 3rd party software. Without a Maintenance Agreement in place, ALL 3rd party software updates or modifications performed will void the Guarantee; this includes updates requested by Client for EWI to perform.

Guarantee Extension
The Guarantee will be extended and remain in full force even after the standard 1-year time period as long as an Maintenance Agreement is in place for the specific software being covered. This ensures that Client’s software is kept up to date on a regular basis (as defined in the Maintenance Agreement) and Client retains the peace of mind knowing that Client’s software is covered under the Guarantee even after the original 1-year time period.

Security Vulnerabilities
Additionally, 3rd party software is often patched for security vulnerabilities as they are identified. EWI cannot work to protect software that we develop against such vulnerabilities without voiding the Guarantee, unless Client has a current Maintenance Agreement in place.

NOTE: Major CMS version upgrades may require a Change Order for the Monthly Website Maintenance Plan. Client will be notified via a written Change Order, which will need Client approval, before Edge Webware will perform such extended updates. This is a rare occurrance, but should be noted by Client.