Platform Security: .NET vs PHP

Posted by Jerritte Couture and filed under Security, White Papers

Website and Web Application security is a ubiquitous concern for our clients, and rightfully so. Often we hear or read opinions of clients and developers who tout one platform while deriding another. And certainly, it is incredibly important to know whether one platform is more secure than another! But is that actually the case? Is […]

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Solving Write Access Denied on Apple File Sharing (SMBX)

Posted by Jerold Haas and filed under Blog

We had an issue recently with an Apple file server that we thought was interesting, and that most likely others were encountering this problem, as well. The issue was this: Users would open a PSD file that was being shared over the network, served by an Apple Server using SMBX or Samba. The users were […]

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Checking and Restoring File Integrity in Windows

Posted by Jerold Haas and filed under Blog, Bugs & Fixes, Tips & Tricks, Windows

The “Data Rot” Menace We have an ongoing debate here at Edge Webware, where some of us believe in the mysterious phenomena known as “data rot.” Although we debate this topic with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, there are instances where files can be corrupted. More formally known as data degradation, system and program files can […]

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Ugly Bootstrap horizontal scrollbar removal

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Bootstrap, Bugs & Fixes

What happened? You copied the grid structure from Bootstrap and now you have a funky horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of your site. Here are some guides to help you along. Make sure you aren’t encasing a full-width carousel inside of a container. Carousels already have the proper container inside the item div. Don’t encase […]

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Bootstrap Feature Panels with Collapse

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Tips & Tricks

We were building a service package page using Bootstrap in WordPress for a client and I realized it would be rather extensive without some way to collapse sections. I created a panel cluster with a toggle button that would make the panel collapse and expand on click. Here’s a minimal version of the code. Feel […]

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WooCommerce 2.2 – What it means for you

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Updates, Wordpress

Dubbed “Prowling Pangolin,” it’s coming in 24 hours and as a developer, we often see people click “update” in their WordPress control panel without looking into the changelog and knowing how it could affect their site. Here are some things to consider with the 2.2 update: Refunds WooCommerce will allow you to process full/partial refunds seamlessly assuming your […]

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Deconstructing the ACF Image Field

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Tips & Tricks, WordPress

ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) allows users to use an ID, array, or URL for images. Once the field is set up in ACF, it’s up to you to get it to work correctly in your template/theme. This is known as the “return value” in ACF. You would write this (changing the get_field(‘image’) to get_field(‘your_field_name’):

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WordPress Reference Comparison

Posted by Jerritte Couture and filed under Blog

WordPress Reference vs. When he finally launched it for public consumption (still in alpha, but working quite well), I was excited to get my hands dirty trying to break it for him. But other than a couple minor quibbles, the platform he built was solid, stable, and basically bug-free. Killer job, Chris! Then I […]

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