Checking and Restoring File Integrity in Windows

Posted by Jerold Haas and filed under Blog, Bugs & Fixes, Tips & Tricks, Windows

The “Data Rot” Menace We have an ongoing debate here at Edge Webware, where some of us believe in the mysterious phenomena known as “data rot.” Although we debate this topic with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, there are instances where files can be corrupted. More formally known as data degradation, system and program files can […]

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Setting up Roots locally on Windows 8

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, Tips & Tricks, Windows

So one of the biggest headaches I have is that some sites assume I know everything. When Roots (which we use) tells me to install Grunt locally, the confusion just increases. How do I do that? I watched tutorials and it didn’t make any sense. So here’s the run-down and walkthrough. Make sure you set […]

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