Umbraco 7 and uCommerce 7 – Using the image cropper tool

Posted by April Sadowski and filed under Blog, CMS

There is a bit of disparity between Umbraco and uCommerce and the way they share (or don’t) assets. The image cropper is by far one of the coolest features of Umbraco and makes responsive image output amazing (especially using Foundation’s Interchange). Natively, of course, uCommerce just uses a media picker. It’s not elegant, and you […]

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Automatically log out Members and Send to Login Page in Umbraco

Posted by Jerritte Couture and filed under Blog, CMS, Tips & Tricks

Background One of our clients came to us the other day and requested that a password-protected area of their website be set up to automatically log out users from the password-protected area after 15 minutes of idleness. They were concerned that there might be a security risk to their site if users left their workstations while logged […]

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