Solving Write Access Denied on Apple File Sharing (SMBX)

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We had an issue recently with an Apple file server that we thought was interesting, and that most likely others were encountering this problem, as well. The issue was this: Users would open a PSD file that was being shared over the network, served by an Apple Server using SMBX or Samba. The users were […]

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Checking and Restoring File Integrity in Windows

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The “Data Rot” Menace We have an ongoing debate here at Edge Webware, where some of us believe in the mysterious phenomena known as “data rot.” Although we debate this topic with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, there are instances where files can be corrupted. More formally known as data degradation, system and program files can […]

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Virtual Host Configuration in XAMPP

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Using virtual hosts is much easier for development systems than using the default alias “project” style. Having a URL such as instead of http://localhost/example/index.php is much clearer, works better with some website “extensions” involving paths and routing, and stored passwords are much easier to manage in browsers. Let’s face it, it’s just better all […]

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